L Shaped Table Top Extra Labour Charge

£15.00 (inc VAT)

L shaped desks can help you maximise space, or create a clear working environment.
We join 2 custom sized table tops or 1 table top and 1 shelf together.
Things to consider:

  • Does your frame support L shaped desk top? (Ikea Trotten and Ikea Idäsen are not built for use with L shaped tops)
  • Would a J shaped desk top work better for you? You can add a custom shape (£36 inc VAT) sketch of your requirements to just 1 custom sized desk top, depending on the dimensions it could out cheaper.
  • Make sure you have measured properly, look at our explainer image (2).
  • The desk top is delivered in 1 piece.
  • An L shaped desk top order should include 2 custom desk tops or 1 table top and 1 shelf along with this product.

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