Fully Compatible Solid Wood Desk Top

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Fully provide great quality office furniture, along with all the things you need to create an ergonomic work space. Save £££ by going frame only with Fully, and pairing your frame with one of our solid wood table tops.

Configure your Fully hardwood desktop

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Pilot Holes

On delivery we can align your frame and drill pilot holes into your table top. This does not include any fixings or fittings.

Edge boards

See picture 2 to explain edge boards. Also known as reverse grain ends.

Rounded Corners

Would you like a curve on each of the four corners?
Size reference

Chamfer * 

As standard we apply slight chamfer to the long edges for comfort.
Chamfer visual reference

Finish * 

Choose how you want your table top to be finished.
Whitewash colour reference

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Fully sit/stand desk frames (and even their desk tops!) are of an exceptional standard. They have both electric and hand crank models, and support a variety of different configurations. Whilst their hardwood desktop quality is very good, it is definitely on the pricey side and their size options are quite limited, so it’s great they offer what they call the BYOD (Bring Your Own Desktop) option. This is where can help!

The Fully desk tops do come with pre-drilled holes, making it possible to fit the top with their machine screws, which are provided with the desk frame. They do however state that you could fit the top with standard wood screws in their documentation.

We would recommend sticking with the machine screws, which will require pre-drilling holes into your desk top. Even if you used with the wood screws, it would be best (though not required) to pre-drill pilot holes. This can be achieved with our hardwood desktops with a household drill, however we do offer a pre-drilling service on delivery, configurable when adding the product to basket.

How to get the perfect Fully desk

  1. Buy the Fully desk frame of your choice. Be sure to go ‘Frame Only’.
  2. Buy our desk top from this page (from £115 including delivery)
  3. Enjoy your beautiful hand-made hardwood desk.

Oak or Pine?

This is a matter of preference, and also budget. Oak and pine have their own properties. Oak is a hard wood, whilst pine has hard and soft wood properties. Pine visually has a less tight grain, but still has lots of character. Pine is easier to mark and less glossy to touch and look at, and so you may wish to apply a polyurethane finish. Oak is less likely to mark when spilled on, and has a glossier finish.

Monitor Raiser Offer

Combine your desk with any size hand made monitor raiser and save £15 with the code: ZEROWASTE

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