Flexispot Compatible Solid Wood Desk Top

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FlexiSpot are a market leader in mid range sit/stand desk frames. Combine their desk frame with a custom sized solid wood desk top.

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Pilot Holes

On delivery we can align your frame and drill pilot holes into your table top. This does not include any fixings or fittings.

Edge boards

See picture 2 to explain edge boards. Also known as reverse grain ends.

Rounded Corners

Would you like a curve on each of the four corners?
Size reference

Chamfer * 

As standard we apply slight chamfer to the long edges for comfort.
Chamfer visual reference

Finish * 

Choose how you want your table top to be finished.
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The example model in the gallery is a FlexiSpot EN1W with a 1200mm x 600mm x 23mm solid oak desktop.

FlexiSpot are quick becoming leaders in the mid-range sit/stand desk field. Their price point is exceptional, and the variety of sizes they offer is impressive. They ship all around the world are are becoming well known for their affordable high quality products.

Despite a huge range of desk frames (we have a blog post about the frames available in the UK here), their desktops are very limited. This is where we can help.

FlexiSpot tops are made of medium density fibre, and they do not have any predrilled holes, fitting is with self tapping wood screws that are supplied with the frame. This makes them an ideal desk frame brand to pair with one of our premium, solid oak or pine desk tops.

When fitting your solid wood table top, you can drill straight into the wood (with a household electric/battery drill), alternatively for even better results, you can drill small pilot holes. We can even assist with this on delivery for a small fee.

How to get the perfect FlexiSpot desk

  1. Buy the FlexiSpot legs/under frame from FlexiSpot directly, or for great prices check out the FlexiSpot Amazon store.
  2. Buy our desk top from this page (from £115 including delivery)
  3. Enjoy your beautiful hand-made desk.

Oak or Pine?

This is a matter of preference, and also budget. Oak and pine have their own properties. Oak is a hard wood, whilst pine has hard and soft wood properties. Pine visually has a less tight grain, but still has lots of character. Pine is easier to mark and less glossy to touch and look at, and so you may wish to apply a polyurethane finish. Oak is less likely to mark when spilled on, and has a glossier finish.

Monitor Raiser Offer

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