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  • IKEA Skarsta/Trotten Reviews
    A collection of reviews for the IKEA Skarsta sit/stand desk, plus how we make it better.
  • IKEA Bekant Reviews
    The IKEA Bekant is the grown up cousin to the IKEA Skarsta, but is it worth the extra cost? Read reviews and some thoughts about the IKEA Bekant here.
  • IKEA Idåsen Reviews
    The IKEA Idåsen positions itself as cooler cousin of the IKEA Bekant. It’s industrial look and colour combinations distinguish it from the budget student desk feel, the Bekant now has a lower price price, now sitting at £55 less than […]
  • Karlby & Alex Review – Using IKEA counter tops as desk tops
    Info: this post contains affiliate links. A recent trend with Ikea hackers is to use an Ikea kitchen counter top as a desk table top. The first time I saw something like this was back in 2015, someone fitted an […]
  • FlexiSpot Sit/Stand Desk Reviews for UK buyers
    With many other budget sit/stand desks on Amazon etc, would you choose FlexiSpot? This post discusses the pros and cons.
  • How good are the solid wood table tops from Sit/Stand Desk Tops?
    There’s only one way to find out… check out our Trust Pilot reviews page. We choose to use a 3rd party reviews site because reviews only posted on our website by us would lack the credibility you need to make […]
  • Adding custom features to your desk top: trims, cable trays, drawers etc
    Many customers have grand designs for their custom sized solid wood desk top. Previous posts have discussed choosing the right wood, cutting the top to a custom shape, accessories to go with your solid wood desk top, waterproofing, and also […]

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  • Standing desk posture tips
    Standing poorly could negate all the benefits of your sit/stand desk, this post contains tips of how best to stand to alleviate negative symptoms.
  • Don’t forget to sit at your sit/stand desk
    A common problem once you start getting used to standing whilst working is actually forgetting to sit. One of the major benefits of a sit/stand desk is not just standing, but being able to change your posture regularly. “The best […]
  • Stand a day in my shoes
    Your tolerance to standing will increase the longer you have a standing desk. Great! If your posture is correct and you frequently take breaks/change your stance then you might have noticed that some niggling back pains and wrist aches are […]
  • Maintain an “active” stance – How to stand at your desk: 1 of 5
    Why does standing so easily fatigue? How can we stand better, to ensure we get the most out of standing whilst working? I remember my first mini music festival, it was Evo Fest, up in Newcastle, circa 2009. Despite the […]
  • Movement breaks – How to stand at your desk: 2 of 5
    This series is looking at why standing is much more fatiguing than walking. When queuing at a theme park, or as mentioned previously, when standing all day at a music festival, my feet used to hurt so much. Since following […]
  • Tech Neck – How to stand at your desk: 3 of 5
    Our series continues with a third instalment. We are taking a broad look at why standing can be more painful that walking or even running for a prolonged period of time. The good news? It doesn’t have to. In fact, […]
  • Stretching Exercises – How to stand at your desk: 4 of 5
    The fourth part of our ‘how to stand’ series. Why think about how to stand? Because if you are working at standing desk, you can do some damage by maintaining poor posture, perhaps even more damage than if you were […]
  • Train – How to stand at your desk: 5 of 5
    The previous article about effective stretching highlighted the “One Stretch”, developed by notable Kiwi Robin McKenzie. In this article we could take the pithy words of fellow New Zealander, Arthur Lydiard as the basis of the fifth and final instalment […]
  • The key to creating an ergonomic workspace
    Ensure your investment in a sit stand desk is not wasted by how you arrange your peripherals. Learn the key to creating an ergonomic workspace in this post.