About Sit/Stand Desk Tops – table tops to fit your desk frame

Hello, this is Wayne and Katie, furniture makers.

…and I’m Joe, a web developer.

The problem

Table tops that ship with even high end desk frames leave a lot to be desired.

The are made at best from high density MDF, at worst from honeycomb cardboard.

This is terrible for large desk with heavy load, or desks that use monitor mounts or camera clamps.

They also look cheap and lack the unique finish many are looking for in their home office.

The solution

I assumed that IKEA would offer an alternative solid wood table tops, nope. I then assumed a quick search for compatible desk tops would yield a result, again no. So I started the process of finding out how to do it myself. Some other developers had attempted the process, but I wanted a professional finish.

After I commissioned the perfect desk top, and I was thrilled with the outcome. Learn about the process Wayne and Katie use on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Furniture made with these materials and in this way will last, you are purchasing a desk top that will keep its value and provide that touch of class to your home office.

I was delighted, then I thought, other people might just want this too… And here we are! 🙂 This site helps you buy a table top from them.

We are set up to offer all sizes of the Skarsta, Bekant and Idåsen desk tops, any size ConSet compatible top, as well as custom sized tops to fit different underframes, or we are able to make any size top, with any necessary pre-drilled holes on request, take a look at our cost estimator here.

Inside the Ikea Idåsen desk top