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6 length adjustable sit/stand desk frames (comparison table)

Height adjustment is not the only important aspect of adjustable desks. Length adjustment is also key, because space under the desk can be just as important as space on the desk.

Often when buying a desk the size most prominent is the size of the table top. Some sit/stand desk frames have very chunky legs, and a lot of over hang (we are looking at you Ikea Bekant). As a result, once you have added a cabinet or accessories, leg room can be impacted and everything can start to get a little cramped.

One solution to this problem is to source a sit/stand frame with slimmer legs, and even better, a frame that allows for variable length (some companies might refer to this as width). With an adjustable cross-beam you can maximise the space under the desk. Finding measurements can be a bit tricky though, so we have listed some of the main contenders below.

Non-sit/stand options

If a height adjustable desk frame is not a priority for your project, then many much cheaper options open up. Attaching individual legs either side of your desk top allows you to choose where they are to be positioned to allow for maximum leg room. Alternatively, you could make use of your storage with a ‘Karlby and Alex’ type set up.

Tip: Be cautious of how long you go with the top without adding supports. Solid wood tops can withstand a greater area without support than weaker table top materials.

Fitting an adjustable width/length desk top

Because the frame is adjustable, most desk tops from the manufacturer will not come with any pre drilled holes. Don’t worry! This is the standard with some desk manufacturers as it is both easy and better to fit your desk top to the frame using self tapping wood screws. (You can always call us to arrange a call with one of our highly qualified cabinet makers for advice, or talk to our delivery team when you take delivery of one of our tops).

A comparison of 6 adjustable cross-beam desk frames

Below are 6 of the most popular length/width adjustable sit/stand desk frames, collated for easy comparison against some key metrics: price, adjustable length/width range, height range and weight capacity.

Desk FramePrice (ex VAT)Length RangeHeight RangeWeight CapacityNotes
E:Lift 800£669.50 minus top cost800-2000mm625-1275mm160kgLinak motor
Conset 501-23£8951400-2000cm680-1200mm175kgIntegrated cable holder
HADO HD2£484.801150-1740mm625mm-1285mm120kg7 year warranty
Flexispot E7£319.201100-1900mm580-1230mm125kgCheaper models available at max 1800mm
Fully Jarvis£327.201120-2080mm556-1227mm158kg15 year warranty
100kgFree installation
Six length adjustable sit/stand desk frames (comparison table)

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