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IKEA Sit/Stand Desks during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has had a massive effect on the retail sector. Even online retail is having to undergo substantial changes in order to comply with distancing rules in the work place. Retail giants such as Asos, Lush and even Amazon are currently having one issue or another, be it transforming their work spaces to allow workers to be safe, restructuring their fulfilment processes or even prioritising certain products for inventory replenishing. It is safe to say, no business, even solid online/offline retailers are breezing through this crisis, IKEA included.

IKEA Sit/Stand Desk Delivery Issues

May 24th 2020 Update: Ikea has announced many of their stores will open again on June 1st 2020. Generally speaking, Ikea stores have good stock of all their desks, and it’s super easy to check ahead of time (unlike their online distribution centres!)

At Sit/Stand Desk Tops we create desk tops compatible with the Idåsen, Bekant and Skarsta desk under frames. Right now, you can buy Idåsen and Skarsta under frames, but you cannot buy Bekant desks in any fashion.

Hopefully this table helps, correct as of 4th April 2020 (this situation will change, and we will try and keep this updated, feel free to get in touch if you are unsure):

Desk FrameAvailableUnavailableAvailable
Full DeskSmall Available / Large Unavailable UnavailableAvailable (in certain colours)

How to order an IKEA desk underframe

If you would like to buy a Large Skarsta desk or some Idåsen colour varients right now, you will need source a desk top yourself. A great way of doing it would be to couple our solid wood desk top with the desk underframe from IKEA. How can you do it?

  1. Navigate to desk you want to buy on the IKEA website
  2. Click ‘Package details’
  3. Copy the article number for the underframe
  4. Go to the shopping cart
  5. Click on ‘Add a product by article number’
  6. Paste the number
  7. Click ‘Add article’
  8. Checkout.

Here is a screen cast if you prefer to learn that way:

As we all know, the next few weeks and months will continue to present major challenges for businesses. Currently we are available for desk top orders, however our lead times on certain products have been extended. If you would like specific information on a specific product, please contact us, we will be happy to help.

IKEA desk underframe compatible desk tops

The cheapest way to get a solid wood desk?

Right now things are looking a little uncertain. Maybe you have just started working from home and need a desk, but pairing the desk top with a sit/stand under frame at this point is not an option? Check out this blog post, we discuss how you can have a solid wood desk top with just £24 spent on the underframe. Additionally, we can make your top sit/stand compatible ready for when you do choose to upgrade to either a Skarsta, Bekant or Idåsen sit/stand desk in the future.

Why Sit/Stand Desk Tops?

Hand Delivered. On Time.

To ensure the best service, we hand deliver all our desk tops free of charge. We also will arrange a 1 hour time slot for your convenience. Shipping to Ireland also available.

Custom size? Same Price.

We do not charge a premium for custom sized table tops. All our desk top prices are worked out using the same formula. Calculate your price and order in minutes.

30 Day Money Back Promise

An immediate refund or arrange a replacement, which ever suits you best. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your desk top or monitor raiser, we will see you right.

Frequently Asked Questions

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