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The cheapest way to get a hand made solid wood table or desk

Commissioning your perfect table or desk doesn’t come cheap. Solid oak or pine furniture, hand made in England carries a price tag most don’t begrudge, but also can’t stretch too, especially when Ikea offer veneer alternatives that are so well priced.

Does it have to be either/or?

Do you have to choose between high quality or flat pack? Hand made or production line? Unique or run-of-the-mill? Boutique price tag or ten-a-penny? What if you could commission a unique table or desk at a fraction of the price by combining the convenience of Ikea with hand made oak and pine tops from our Somerset based work shop?

We can make and deliver your desk / table top at a much more competitive price than if you were to commission a full table or desk from us, legs and all. Why? Much of the cost of a custom table project is wrapped up in the legs (their design and structure) and also in delivering a much bulkier unit. Just delivering the desk / table top to you streamlines our process, and we can pass the benefit on to you. But a table top with no legs is like a broken pencil, pointless! (Blackadder, anybody?)

Introducing Ikea trestles & table leg compatible desk tops

All our custom sized tops can come with ready made templating for Ikea table legs (Lalle, Olov, Hilver, Alvaret, Gerton, Adils, Krille, Torsklint) on request. These table legs start from as cheap as £2.50 (Adils), some are height adjustable (Gerton), have wheels/casters (Krille), and come in a variety of different styles to suit the room or office you are creating.

This type of custom templating comes at no extra premium. The custom size for your top carries no extra charge. This is the best way to get a hand made solid oak or pine desk or table, at an incredibly affordable price.

Alternatively, our tops will naturally sit on top any of the Ikea trestles (Lerberg, Oddvald, Finnvard), these come with no fittings. Our tops being heavier than the Ikea MDF tops are actually as a result more sturdy, and would have no unseemly holes on the underside, as this top is made your exact specification. For office spaces or computer desks, you could choose pair one of our desk tops with Klimpen or Alex storage solutions.

We are also more than happy to help advise what legs would be best for your project, or custom shaped tops, just fill out our form and we will be in touch. Our furniture makers are waiting to hear from you! Try out our custom sized desk top calculator to find the right wood, thickness and price point for you.

Customer photos of custom sized solid wood tables

Ikea leg options

Why choose our solid wood table tops?

Hand Delivered. On Time.

We hand deliver all our desk tops free of charge, with a 1 hour time slot, to ensure your top arrives in perfect condition. Made in Somerset. No customs charges.

Custom size? Same Price.

We make your table top to the exact required size. All our desk top prices are worked out using the same formula. Calculate your price and order in minutes.

30 Day Money Back Promise

An immediate refund or replacement if you’re not happy, which ever suits you best. Free order cancellation within 48 hours, no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the quality of our sustainably sourced wood, how our desk tops are priced, our process, delivery timescales and more on our FAQ and About pages.