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IKEA Bekant Reviews

The IKEA Bekant is the grown up cousin to the IKEA Skarsta. The desk comes in more variations than the Skarsta, has electric height adjustment, rather than the hand crank (though you will need some after market modifications to get programmable presets).

A benefit of this desk is sits along side the whole Bekant range, so you can mix and match drawers, shelving units and other storage. The Bekant range seems a bit more equipped for the larger office, with optional screen dividers and combination layouts etc.

With the focus being more on medium sized business, rather than your home office, the Bekant range also comes with a price bump that could put some off, especially when you consider the build quality is not streets ahead of the Skarsta, particularly when it comes to the dreaded wobble, though most people don’t have an issue (see the video at 4:35 below to see the problem in real life).

That said, there is much good to be said for this entry level sit/stand desk, here are a few snippets:

Whilst the Bekant range has more veneer options for the table top than the Skarsta, they still do not have the premium finish you are likely looking for, and some people really don’t like the extra rounded corners. Interestingly, the guys at Design Inside, quoted above, must have felt the same way, they modified their top using an IKEA kitchen range butchers block! As you know, we offer replacement premium table tops for Bekant sit/stand desks (and any other range/table if you get in touch with us).

IKEA Bekant Video Reviews

If you want to see the desk in action, here is Ikea’s stilted promo video, and review of the desk (by someone who seems to really like it, all apart from the table top, he modified another table top from IKEA mainly due to the corner curves in his case, some details are in the video).

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