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IKEA Skarsta Reviews

When the IKEA Skarsta came on the scene a few years ago, freelancers and other professionals working from home leapt for joy. We had read the research suggesting standing up whilst working was important, but most sit/stand desks were coming in at £500 and over. This offered a hand wind mechanism at just £179. It was a game changer, that received widely positive reviews:

Or maybe you preview a video review?

I couldn’t resist gilding the lily

Whilst I liked it, I didn’t get on with it long term. The cheap desk top quickly wore thin. It chipped when I moved house. It scratched. It didn’t fit in with the home office I was trying to create.

So that is why this site exists, take a look at our products that make the IKEA Skarsta even better.

The 120x70cm desk top and monitor raiser work particularly well together. They are made out of one length of solid english oak, making it economically and environmentally sound. Check out our Facebook page for discounts when purchasing together.

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